A Nation and her ailing President – by Frank Ofili


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  1. andrew says:

    I appreciate your thoughts on this matter and really like the way you explained all the scenarios. I only wish that Nigerians are learned enough to understand the intricasies of government instead of listening and following people like ffk and fayose the tout who just play to the gallery. Also I like to add that the Apc govt is failing in the area of health care. the 2 years they have been in power is enough to upgrade the national hospital to international standards that can cater for the kinds of the presidents ailment…. 2 years is enough to have resumed Nigeria Airways (even with only 4 planes which Nigeria can procure) 2 years is enough to have reorganised the generation and distribution of power to a certain extent ………..even as a die hard Buharist i think these are glaring areas where the govt is failing…….my thuts

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